Smart plugs turn dumb devices and appliances at your house into smart ones. Once connected to WIFI, they allow you to control any devices via remote on your phone. Most smart plugs can also be connected to your smart home hub so that you can turn on/off devices by giving voice commands.

Need a smart plug at home? Wait a minute! The price for a smart plug can range from $10 to $50, but basically they don’t have much difference in functions. You might overpay for a smart plug because of the brand premium.

To save you from endless searching and comparison, we summarized the cheapest smart plugs for you. They are super-cheap and excellent. Pick the best one for you.

Cheapest Smart Plug Recommendation 1. Teckin SP10

On the top of our list of cheapest smart plug is Teckin SP10, a powerful outlet with lowest price. Using the Smart Life application, you can turn on/off any device plugged in via remote in several clicks. You can also set a schedule for each device to follow your daily routine and save lots of power.

Teckin SP10 is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. With the help of the voice assistant, you can make everything work like a miracle. Unlike other smart plugs which might sometimes lose connection, Teckin SP10 can work like a WIFI booster. It will always stay connected.

Price: $11.99

Cheapest Smart Plug Recommendation 2. electriQ WIFI Energy Monitoring Smart Plug

Most smart plugs we recommend are for the US. If you are from the UK, electriQ WIFI energy monitoring smart plug is the right one for you. This feature-packed smart plug enables you to turn equipment on or off via the free Tuya App, schedule your device, and monitor the energy consumption.

As for the voice control, it can only work with Amazon Echo Alexa. It may not be a great option for those who are using Apple HomeKit or Google Home as a smart hub. The setup process is sort of tricky. It might lose connection with the voice controller. It is also sort of bulky. Moreover, the Tuya app that controls electriQ Smart Plug is not user friendly. The timer option doesn’t even show up on the app.

Price: £11.97

Cheapest Smart Plug Recommendation 3. Meross Smart WIFI Plug Mini

Meross Smart WIFI Plug Mini is the smallest smart plug on this list. Two smart plugs can be stacked in the same outlet. With the Meross app, you can turn on/off devices anywhere anytime. You can also create on/off schedules or timers to make the devices work automatically. More importantly, it works with the WIFI you already have. No hub required.

It works with a wide range of voice assistants, like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Line Clova, SmartThings. The price for Meross Smart WIFI Plug Mini 2-pack suit is $25.99, that means $13 for each.

As a matter of fact, some users complain that Meross Smart Plugs have issues while working with SmartThing app and Alexa. From time to time, it will lose connection to the WIFI. If you always change WIFI password or change your router, you have to go through the setup process again.

Price: $25.99 for 2-Pack, $13 for each.

Image Credit: meross

Comparison Tables of The Cheapest Smart Plugs


Voice Assistant

Energy Monitor


Teckin SP10

Amazon Alexa, Google Home



electriQ WIFI Energy Monitoring Smart Plug

Amazon Alexa



Meross Smart WIFI Plug Mini

Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Line Clova



The Bottom Line

In a word, Teckin SP10, electriQ WIFI Energy Monitoring Smart Plug, Meross Smart WIFI Plug Mini are the cheapest yet powerful smart plug in the market. Teckin SP10, with the cheapest price of $11.99, a wide range of supported voice assistants, powerful voice stands out among others. Get it now and turn your house into a smarter one!