As its name suggests, smart plugs are smart. It allows you to control all appliances you connect to the plug within several clicks on your phone. That’s not all, most smart plugs enable you to automate your home by renowned voice assistants like Google Home, Alexa, Cortana and more.

Google Home, now also called Google Nest, is a smart speaker developed by Google. It enables users to give voice commands to interact with many in-house or third-party services. When Google Home is connected with smart plugs, you will no longer need to wash your hands first before using any appliances in the kitchen, or searching for the damn switch for light at midnight. All you need to do is wait for Google Home to accomplish the task.

It may sound too good to be true, however, the disappointing fact is that some smart plugs are not as good as they claim. To save you from the blind consumption cost, here we’ve rounded up the best smart plugs for Google Home that you can seamlessly integrate into the Google ecosystem for enhanced smart controls. Check them out and get the best one for you.

Best Smart Plugs for Google Home Top 1. Teckin SP10

If we can only choose one as the best smart plug for Google Home, our choice is Teckin SP10.

To begin with, it is easy to connect Teckin SP10 to Google Home. You don’t need to go through any painstaking connection process. Moreover, it is totally compatible with all appliances. You will never have to worry if it doesn’t work. Last but not least, while using Teckin SP10, unlike other smart plugs, it stays connected with the Google Home.

Of course, Teckin SP10 has more advantages. Firstly, it also works well with Alexa. Besides, Teckin smart plug is FCC, ETL approved product, which means you have access to 24/7 customer service and technical support. Thirdly, Teckin SP10 also supports IFTTT. Once Teckin SP10 is connected to a motion tracker, thermometer or other devices, the appliances will work or stop automatically when the environment reaches any threshold you set.

Best Smart Plugs for Google Home Top 2. Eufy Smart Plug Mini

Eufy Smart Plug Mini enables you to power on and turn off your devices via Google Home and Alexa, in addition to the EufyHome app. What’s better, Eufy Smart Plug Mini also allows you to give permission to other users with another EufyHome account.

However, setting up the Eufy smart plug and letting it work with Google Home can be tricky. You must go to plug in the Eufy Smart Plug, download the EufyHome app, and finish the setup, then go to Google Home app, sign into your EufyHome account, rename the smart plug. Also, sometimes, your Google Home will consider the Eufy Smart Plug Mini as unavailable. Here’s another important thing to note. While using Eufy Smart Plug, it will create an unsecured WIFI network.

Image Credit: eufylife

Best Smart Plugs for Google Home Top 3. WYZE Plug

Things are easier to say than be done. Now WYZE Plug can do most things via Alexa or Google Home. When your hands are full or you just don’t feel like moving, you can just say it! Besides the schedule timer it is equipped with, the vocation mode makes your house look like someone’s home, even when you are not.

Yet, some users complain that the WYZE plug is not responsive to Google Home after a period of time. Still, it works best with the app. Users also report that the plastic shell starts to melt while loading only 10-12 amps.

Image Credit: wyze

Best Smart Plugs for Google Home Top 4. mydlink Mini WIFI Smart Plug

Mydlink Mini WIFI Smart Plug talks to Google Home! It lets you control everything by saying. The experience is flawless. Well, if you have a mydlink smart camera, you can even get notifications when someone enters your house.

Generally speaking, it is a good smart plug, if you are patient enough to connect it to WIFI over and over again and don’t mind the fact that you can’t set a schedule when you are trying to set a timer.

Image Credit: dlink

Best Smart Plugs for Google Home Top 5. Eve Energy Smart Plug

Eve Energy Smart Plug is the most compatible smart plug we have ever recommended. It works with Google Home, Alexa, Siri, Apple HomeKit. Moreover, it connects with any voice assistants well because of the bluetooth technology. You will no longer have to wait a long time for the devices to be connected.

The only shortcoming could be its size. It is 77mm, 60mm, 77mm in length, width, and height, which means it might take lots of space. Leave the entire socket just for Eve Energy Smart Plug!

Image Credit: amazon

Comparison Tables of The Best Smart Plugs for Google Home


Compatible With



Teckin SP10

Google Home/Alexa



Eufy Smart Plug Mini

Google Home/Alexa

3.1 x 1.5 x 2.2 in



Google Home/Alexa

2.75 x 1.25 x 1.5 inches


mydlink Mini WIFI Smart Plug


Google Home/Alexa

2.12 x 2.68 x 1.5 inches


Eve Energy Smart Plug

Google Home/Alexa/Siri

2.6 x 1.9 x 2.6 inches


 The Bottom Line

Here are the 5 best smart plugs for Google Home. In a word, Teckin SP10 stands out from others. It works well with Google Home without any connection issues. Eve Energy Smart Plug is also great, but it is too expensive when compared with others. What are you waiting for? Get Teckin SP10 and start automating your home at an amazingly low price of $11.99.