A smart plug is like an adapter that connects your outlet and appliances you wish to plug in. It turns your home into a smart one by enabling you to control nearly all appliances to work or stop via voice or a simple tap on your phone from wherever you are. Of course, to make everything work well, you need to connect the smart plug to WIFI.

Doubtlessly, smart plugs are powerful. Yet, most of the smart plugs ended up with turning the lights on or off. What a waste! Here in this guide, we will show you the best 10 uses with smart plugs. Follow us and make the most of the smart plugs you have.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 1. Hands-free in the Kitchen

Let’s face it, there will be times when our hands are too messy to touch any appliances in the kitchen like microwave, coffee machine, dish washer. With a smart plug and Alexa, you don’t have to wash your hands first. Tell Alexa, and it will help you make everything work or stop at you will.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 2. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are the best tool to highlight the Christmas atmosphere. We do want every moment to be perfect on this special day, but that may cause a significant increase on the electricity bill. Several smart plugs can help a lot.

Go to apps like SmartThings that can control the smart plug, set several smart plugs as a group, create a schedule, the smart plug would turn on and off the Christmas lights at a certain time.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 3. Control the Smart Cameras

Due to security issues, you will surely want to know what’s happening outside or inside your house. Smart Cameras are a brilliant way to monitor your home. In the past, you could only turn on the camera all day long because you couldn't go back home in the middle of work.

A smart plug can fix this by allowing you to cut power when you don’t want to record and turn the power back on when you need monitoring in one click. A daily routine can be set so that you don’t have to turn the smart camera on or off everyday.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 4. Foil Thieves

Even if you are not at home, you can make thieves believe there are people at your house!

Get some smart plugs and connect them with different appliances. Turn them on and off at random time while you are gone. Those actions will simulate someone being at home.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 5. Protect Battery

Almost everyone charges their phones or computers all night long. It’s just so hard to get up at night. Even though batteries now are safer than they were, overcharging will surely jeopardize them. The battery may not work as long as they did after a full charge.

If you have a smart plug, do connect it to your phone or computer for charging. And then set a total time for charging. You can always get up with a fully charged phone or computer without jeopardizing the battery. Also, it is so energy-saving.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 6. Turn On the Air conditioning Before Getting Home

Nobody wants anything better than a warm house in cold winter or a cool room in scorching summer. A smart plug is a perfect way to control the AC. It enables you to turn on the AC before heading home. Nothing relaxes you more than a room in perfect temperature.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 7. Know When the Laundry’s Done

Most smart plugs have a power monitoring function built in. You can set the power usage in advance. When the power usage falls below the point you set, a notification will be sent to your phone. The smart plug helps you monitor the washing machine. When the laundry is done, you will get a notification. The same goes to the oven and other appliances.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 8. Feed Pets

Lots of cats or dogs get into big trouble because of overeating while their owners are away. If you are a pet owner, you will need a smart pet feeder to make sure your pet never gets in this kind of situation.

As a matter of fact, you can turn a normal pet feeder into a smart one. Connect the pet feeder to the smart plug, then you can feed your pet the right amount of food at the right time via remote.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 9. Motion Enabled Lights

If you have any motion detectors in your house, you can create an IFTTT applet that automatically turns on a smart plug if a certain motion is detected.

For example, you can install a motion detector on your bedroom door. After a series of set ups, when the bedroom door opens, the smart plug will turn on the light for you. You can also get one motion detector on your front door and let the smart plug to frighten off burglars.

Best Uses for Smart Plug Top 10. Turn off Computers

There must be numerous computers, monitors, printers and other appliances in your office. Even if they are in standby mode while you are away, they still cost you lots of money in electricity.

A brilliant way to handle this situation is to use a smart plug. You can turn off all devices just in just one click at your phone when they are not being used. However, it is worth noting that all smart plugs have maximum power limitations. Please always make sure the power strip doesn't not draw more power than the smart plug can handle.

What’s The Best Smart Plug to Buy

Maybe you can’t wait to get several smart plugs for your families, or you’ve already had several smart plugs waiting to be used wisely. The sad truth is, among the market intermingling with the good and bad, not all smart plugs can be used like above. Even if some can, you will have to go through painstaking set-up processes.

Teckin SP10 is an excellent smart plug that you can use like the above ten tricks without any difficulties. Reasons for recommendation are as follows.

 First of all, it is the best smart plug to use with Alexa and Google Home. Just give a voice command to Alexa or Google Home assistant, everything will go as you wish. This will allow you to control any appliances via voice. Moreover, Teckin SP10 supports IFTTT. When it is connected with a thermometer or motion tracker, you can explore more possibilities. Last but not least, it allows you to set up schedules and timers. All appliances will follow their routines.

The setup is also easy. All you need to do is plugging the outlet, downloading the Smart Life app, and then following the instructions. No complicated process involved. What are you waiting for? Get excellent Teckin SP10 at only $11.99 for your families.