Working with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, smart plugs are the best and most convenient home accessories for controlling electronics around your home with just your voice. Smart plugs also work seamlessly with phone applicants to make your house a smarter place. However, there are more that smart plugs can do for you, such as energy monitoring.

If you plug any home appliances to a smart plug with energy monitoring, you can easily track how much energy your appliances are using, helping you to select the most energy-saving appliances and saving you lots of money on your electricity bills. That’s not all, lots of people plug the washing machine or dishwasher to the smart plug and get notifications when they have finished.

Here in this post, we share the best 3 smart plugs with energy monitoring. Check those amazing smart plugs with energy monitoring and pick the best one to make your life more convenient. Let’s get started!

Best Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring - Teckin SP20

Teckin SP20 Smart Plug has everything needed to become an extraordinary smart plug with energy monitoring. Firstly, you can view how much energy the appliances are using via Smart Life App in real time and project the cost of your electricity use at home. Secondly, you can get instant notifications when there are sudden drops and downs of energy consumption.

Besides all mentioned above, Teckin SP20 Smart Plug allows all users to set schedule of their devices to power on/off whenever you want to avoid wasting energy. It is also easy to set up and connect to Alexa, Google Home and Smart Life App.

As for the design, the classic white matches all decorations at your home. The round square expresses a unique beauty. The price for this amazing smart plug is $12.99. There are special offers on holidays!

Best Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring - Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Slim with Energy Monitoring

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug is from one of the leading companies TP-Link. It monitors your connected devices’ real-time energy consumption and helps you learn which one uses the most power via Kasa Smart App. You can also set a schedule and timer for your appliances any day of the week following your daily routine to reduce any unnecessary waste of power.

What makes it distinguish from others is the Away Mode. When you have to go for a business or spend a holiday in another city, the Away Mode can set your smart plug to turn on and off at random intervals to give the appearance you are home.

Even though it is not bulky at all, the standard square doesn’t really look good. The price for this smart plug is $22.99. It might not be the one with the highest cost performance.

Best Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring - TGWF115APM

TGWF115APM is from TopGreener. It is a smart Wi-Fi heavy-duty plug-in outlet with the energy monitoring feature. The detailed energy used for each appliance are shown in the TopGreener App. No hub or subscription required to use it. It can also be used with other smart plugs to control electrical appliances. You can also create schedules or set timers to save money.

Even though the advertisement claims it to be a heavy-duty plug-in outlet, it can only handle loads up to 15A, 1800W. Many smart plugs can handle that easily. The smart plug measures 2.42 inches long by 3.87 inches tall by 1.48 inches thick. It can be sort of bulky.

One more interesting thing about TGWF115APM is its price. The white one only costs $15.99, the silver, gold, or nickel one costs $20.99.

Image Credit: topgreener

Comparison Tables of Smart Plugs with Energy Monitoring



Energy Monitoring Platform

Real Time Display

Teckin SP20


Smart Life


Kasa Smart Plug





$15.99 or $20.99



 The Bottom Line

In a word, Teckin SP20, Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Slim, and TGWF115APM are 3 of the best smart plugs with energy monitoring. They all allow you to view the energy used in real time and help save money. When it comes to cost performance and appearance, Teckin SP20 is outstanding among others. No hesitation and get Teckin SP20 at the amazingly low price of $12.99.