Whether you’ve noticed or not, lots of great inventions are making our lives more convenient, and the smart plug is one of them. The smart plug contains an ordinary switch and socket with a serial WIFI module, offering the charging protection function and enabling people to control home appliances in smart ways like never before. 

If you desperately want to buy a smart plug, hold on for a second! Not any smart plug will do. Many people complain that their smart plugs are too big, preventing other appliances from accessing the electricity through the same outlet at the same time. To save you from endless searches and comparisons, we have summarized 3 smallest smart plugs that work well. Check this list out and decide which smart plug to buy.

Part 1. Best Small Smart Plug - Teckin SP20

Teckin SP20 is from one of the leading smart home products suppliers. It is cuboid in shape. The length, width and height of it are 84mm, 50mm,30mm, which is perfect for one jack of any socket. It only weighs only 150 grams. In general, the gaps between each hole on an outlet should be larger than 100mm. You can tell from the picture below that it is perfectly fine for two Teckin SP20 smart plugs to be plugged in the same outlet.

As for the features, you can use it to control almost all home appliances up to 15A on your smartphone from anywhere. What makes it different from others is the voice control feature. By just saying “Google, turn on the light”, you can get up in the mid-night without searching for the socket in the darkness. What’s better, you can also schedule the smart plugs to automatically switch on and off automatically. It also enhances WIFI signal.

The installation process is like a breeze. You just have to download the Smart Life app, plug your smart plug into an outlet within WIFI coverage, register your personal Smart Life account, then go to Add Device > Electrical Outlet. Select a mode and you are done!

The appearance design is also the best among the three smart plugs. The classic white matches all decoration styles. The designer removes its sharp corners so that it’s easier to hold.

Teckin SP20

Part 2. TP-LINK Kasa Smart WIFI Plug Slim Edition KP100

Kasa is a sub-brand of TP-link. Kasa smart WIFI plug slim edition has everything needed to be an excellent small smart plug, like remote control, voice control, schedule settings. Grouping feature is also worth mentioning. You can control your smart plug with other Kasa smart devices for seamless control. 

The TP-Link KP100 weighs 160 grams. It is 66.5mm in length, 40mm in width, 38mm in height. However, lots of people complain about its customer service. There are also reports of unstable connections. The device just went offline or couldn’t communicate with the devices.

Image Credit: amazon.com

Part 3. Peace By Hampton WIFI Smart Plug 15A

Peace By Hampton WIFI Smart Plug 15A is the last on the list. It is a powerful and small WIFI plug, but it is just not as good as the above two. 

Let’s talk about its size and weight first. It weighs 198 grams. It is also cupid in shape. Its length, width, and height are 55.9, 78.7, and 35.6mm. You can easily tell that it is wider than the above two. That’s to say, it might block other appliances from using the same outlet.

As for the features, it does provide voice control, remote control via the Peace by Hampton app. However, loads of people don’t love the green LED light that’s always flashing when the smart plug is turned on. It may look a little creepy at night. The Peace by Hampton WIFI smart plug sometimes doesn’t work well when the signal is weak while some other smart plugs can work as a WIFI amplifier.  

Image Credit: amazon.com

Comparison Tables of Three Smart Plugs’ Size & Weight






Teckin SP20




150 grams





160 grams

Peace by Hampton




198 grams

The Bottom Line

In a word, Teckin SP20, Kasa, and Hampton are three of the best small smart plugs on the market. They all work well and small enough to allow other appliances to be stacked in the same outlet. The Teckin stands out from others for its powerful features like remote & voice control, schedule, incredible small size and excellent appearance. Get it now!